Inspired XI is a service-oriented agency dedicated exclusively to women’s soccer. Based in Atlanta, USA, we have an extensive network in the women’s game throughout the United States and Europe.


At Inspired XI, we believe in the transformative power of women’s sports, not just for young women, but for people of all ages and genders. Witnessing the power, creativity and technical ability of women footballers today – and seeing them consistently celebrated and supported for these qualities – affects how people of all genders view women, as well as themselves, which has a positive impact on the whole of society. 

This is what we are here for.


We seek to support the growth of the women’s game through [1] improved scouting and movement of players internationally – helping put the right players in the right places – and [2] supporting players and helping facilitate a good player-club relationship to make sure that all parties are successful and benefit from the relationship. While women’s soccer is growing, club budgets continue to be below the required levels, and we believe proactive and intentional supporting organizations, such as our own, are necessary for the women’s game to reach its potential.

It is our privilege and responsibility to serve. We are dedicated to service and enjoy serving both our clients and the clubs with whom they collaborate. Key to our mission is [1] ensuring that all players are respected and that their interests are put first, [2] educating young players (and coaches) so that more players have the information they need to make the right decision about playing professionally (or not), [3] facilitating more female coaches at the grass roots and professional levels and [4] supporting players no matter their sexual orientation.

Based in the United States, we also seek to support the NWSL, the USL Super and W Leagues, the WPSL and UWS, as well as college soccer to help the overall women’s game in our country keep pace with the massive increases in investment and support in England and elsewhere in the world.

Inspired XI women's soccer agency vision


We dream of a future women’s game that is self-actualized – its best self and not just a replica of the men’s game. This future women’s game has the resources for proper scouting where players are put with the right clubs, club-player communication is on point and expectations are properly set to protect the interests of all parties.

We dream of a future women’s game that is sustainable, where young women of all backgrounds are encouraged and supported to become players and leaders in the game, where there is a better balance between talented female and male coaches at the grass roots and professional levels, as well as in the front office. We dream of a women’s game where women of color are well-represented and where clubs and leagues throughout the world welcome and celebrate players of all sexual orientations.

We dream of packed stadiums for women’s football matches and expanded television viewership each week and not just for major events or premier match-ups. 

We dream of world-class women’s youth academies accessible to all young girls, soccer-specific stadiums for women’s clubs, women-specific training facilities, the continuing professionalization of women’s football at all levels and in all aspects and the increasing success of events such as the Women’s World Cup and, hopefully soon, the Women’s Club World Cup. 

In our small way, we seek to contribute to this process.

women's professional soccer agency


Taking Care of Players

We are interested in building meaningful long-term relationships with both players and clubs. We spend the majority of our time placing players and making sure that they are taken care of. This involves a lot of time networking with clubs around the world and working with them to place our clients in environments where they can grow, improve and reach their goals. Club placement is about much more than a transaction, and our work does not end once a player is placed with a club. We care about our players, check in with them regularly and, to the extent possible, work to make sure any issues that arise are resolved.

With a staff that shares backgrounds in coaching, we understand winning and losing and what it means to put together a true team, as opposed to a collection of players. This background makes us resistant to moving players just for the sake of it. 

Deals only work if they benefit all parties. At the core of our work, we are a women’s soccer agency that seeks to help clubs develop and players be part of Inspired XIs. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients and major football markets intimately, helping build relationships that give as much to the players as they do to their clubs.

We feel that our younger players must be placed in the most challenging, year-round training and competition environments in order to reach their potential. Having developed an extensive network of scouts and club officials throughout the United States and Europe, we seek to place our clients with clubs that will push their development and promote their financial success. 

Inspired XI our work


We work exclusively with female professional soccer players and clubs, as well as managers of all genders, providing them with a full range of services to support both their soccer and non-soccer lives. 

We support the LGBTQIA+ community and are excited to work with players regardless of their sexual orientation, realizing that this aspect of a player’s identity can have a major impact on their ideal club situation. 

Our business model is based on direct representation of players and managers, as well as intermediary work, primarily to and from American and European markets, including leagues such as the NWSL, NCAA Division I, Barclays WSL and Women’s Championship, Finetwork Liga F, Liga BPI, FLYERALARM Frauen-Bundesliga, Serie A Femminile, D1 Arkema and Damallsvenskan.

Inspired XI - Women's soccer agency - Norway 1.divisjon


In line with our mission, we also place a strong emphasis on educating players and coaches. We have found that many American women reach college graduation with little to no information about playing at the next level. We are trying to change that.

[1] We created our Guide to Women’s Professional Soccer to help young players (as well as coaches) obtain the information they need early in their careers to make decisions about playing professionally.

[2] Additionally, we created our NCAA-compliant Young Player Initiative, which looks to place older high school and younger college players in professional first team environments in Europe to train during the offseason for 10-14 days. The goals of this program are to expose young players to a professional environment in order to open up new possibilities in how they see and play the game, as well as to prepare them to better handle the adaptation process of a future move to a professional club.

Inspired XI - Women's soccer agency - Finland Naisten Ykkönen

More Female Leaders

Finally, we are anxious to see more female leaders throughout the game, taking up roles as grass roots, college and professional coaches, as well as club administrators, referees, sporting directors and general managers.

To achieve this, we feel it is essential for more women to get experience playing professionally. Additionally, it is key to fill the pipeline of young female coaches at the grass roots level and to give them the support and resources to stay in the profession. We are collaborating with a number of partners in this area and look forward to being able to share more about these efforts in the near future.

Inspired XI services


We offer a full range of representation and intermediary services, including:

  • Club placement
  • Contracts and salary negotiations
  • Data analysis and tactical training
  • Endorsements and sponsorships
  • Marketing, graphic design and social media
  • Financial planning
  • Relocation
  • Visa and immigration services
  • Translation services


To make sure you get the best service in every area of need, we have several specialists on staff and on retainer. Each individual is an expert in their area and plays a specific role in meeting your needs.


Executive Director

Leads organization; directs scouting, analysis and client management; Fluent in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian

Titus Moore


Accounting & Taxes

Assists agency and clients with all needs related to accounting and taxes

Stephen Summerow


Marketing & Sponsorships

Co-leads all efforts related to building our client’s brands, including social media, marketing and commercial partnerships

Titus Moore


Marketing & Sponsorships

Co-leads all efforts related to building our client’s brands, including social media, marketing and commercial partnerships

Allicen Lottes


Events Coordinator

Responsible for planning, organizing and executing all agency and player events


Financial Services

Client liaison for all matters related to financial planning and investments; Fluent in Spanish


Legal Services

Manages all aspects related to client contracts and other legal matters

Zayra Alcantar


Marketing Assistant & Player Liaison

Assists agents and marketing team with social media and business development


Please contact us to learn more about the services we offer. If you are a player, we also welcome the opportunity to evaluate you and provide an analysis of your qualities.

Gabriel Chapman
Executive Director
+1 404 804 1214