Inspired XI is a service-oriented agency dedicated 100% to professional American soccer players. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, we have European offices in Spain, Portugal and the UK.


At Inspired XI, we dream to one day see the United States men win a World Cup and a male American player win the Ballon d’Or. By exclusively working with American soccer players, we seek in our small way to be part of making these dreams come true. While both American youth and professional soccer continue to improve at pace, there are still serious structural issues with player development in the United States. In 2022, we believe our top players must be placed abroad in the most intense and competitive, year-round environments to reach their full potential.


Fewer clients, more service. We work exclusively with professional American soccer players and limit our number of clients, providing them with a full range of services to support both their soccer and personal lives. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients and the market (leagues and clubs) intimately, always looking for the right fit rather than just trying to ‘do deals.’ Our business model is driven by direct player representation as opposed to player mandates from abroad.

Our primary focus is supporting younger American players, who we feel must be placed in the most challenging, year-round training and competition environments in order to reach their potential. Having developed an extensive network of scouts and club officials all over Europe, we seek to place our clients with clubs abroad to push their development and promote financial success. Eventually, we would like to see all of our clients starting at top clubs in both the United States and Europe.


We offer a full range of player representation services, including:

  • Contracts and salary negotiations
  • Physical preparation and nutrition
  • Data analysis and tactical training
  • Endorsements and sponsorships
  • Marketing, graphic design and social media
  • Financial planning
  • Relocation
  • Visa and immigration services
  • Translation services


To make sure you get the best service in every area of need, we have several specialists on staff and on retainer. Each individual is an expert in their area and plays a specific role in meeting your needs.


Executive Director

Leads organization; directs scouting, analysis and player management; Fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese


Finance Director

Player liaison for all matters related to financial planning, investments and taxes; Fluent in Spanish


Legal Director

Manages all aspects related to player contracts and other legal matters


Marketing Director

Manages marketing, graphic design and social media; leads social media monetization efforts

contact us

Please contact us to learn more about the player representation services we offer. If you are a player, we also welcome the opportunity to evaluate you and provide an analysis of your qualities.

Gabriel Chapman
Executive Director
+1 404 804 1214